Sunbathed Balconies with Enchanting Views

Perched on the cliffs of Oia, the suites invite you to indulge in glorious morning views of the sea shimmering under the rays of the sun. Lay back and observe the craggy slopes plunging into the waves, the boats and ships traversing the sapphire-blue waters, the swan-white quaint houses crowning the caldera precipice, and the volcano revealing its fiery secrets.

During the golden sunset hours, allow your senses to 'dance' along with the awe-inspiring celestial feast. A phantasmagoria of electrifying hues dispersing over the firmament and the lunar-shaped landscape is bound to bedazzle you with its amalgamation of colors, from red, orange and yellow to pink, purple and blue!
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Allure Breeze Suites
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