Simple & Traditional Design

The Allure Breeze Suites are minimally decorated, harmoniously incorporating the traditional Cycladic style with modern amenities to make you feel like home. As you enter your suite, you will instantly observe the unique pieces in the d├ęcor that the owner has kept intact with deep respect for the island's heritage.
Wooden frames, architraves and vaulted rooftops, old wooden furniture, folk ornaments on the walls and vintage candle holders; at Allure Breeze Suites you will certainly feel like you are living in a magical place, somewhere between an era long past and modern times!
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Allure Breeze Suites
Oia, Santorini Greece, 84 700
T: +30 2286 186603
License/Registration number: 1138876
G.E.MI. 152836601000
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